26 Sep 2017 - 29 Sep 2017
Michael Crouch Innovation Centre

26- 29 September 2017 9am- 6pm

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How might we use market-based approaches to expand clean water solutions among rural communities in developing countries?

We’ve got some new technology for you to play with. Let’s develop solutions that support disadvantaged communities including farmers, villagers and transport drivers.

What we want to solve

Access to safe drinking water is a true necessity for all humanity, yet access rates for clean water remain stubbornly low in most low-income countries. This needs to change.

Together we can develop new sustainable social enterprises and engineering solutions that create income for the poor and deliver essential products and services which will eradicate many easily preventable diseases.

You can play a key role in changing millions of lives.

Challenge details

Teams will be working on designing and developing solutions to be installed as a mobile filtration bladder within a commonly owned transport vehicle, while at the same time developing a sustainable social enterprise that would mean this project lived on well into the future and had real world impact.

Dates: Mid Semester Break

Tuesday 26th September to Saturday 29th of September. 


Day 1: Inspiration and introduction to technology

Day 2: Ideation – Let your ideas fly

Day 3: Prototype – make your idea tangible by installing and testing on a real truck

Day 4: Iterating concepts to build the best solution, pitch and celebration


The winning team will receive $5000 in prize money.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to work on a real-world problem!


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