27 Jul 2017 - 27 Jul 2017
Michael Crouch Innovation Centre Gate 2 Avenue Kensington, NSW 2033

6pm- 8pm

We are looking for projects that utilise the Makerspace and its tools.

If we love it, we will house your project for up to 6 weeks with:

  • technical assistance
  • access to our network of collaborators
  • access to a hot-desk
  • locker storage
  • a micro grant to make it possible (sub 1K)

This will be a relaxed atmosphere to pitch your idea(s), hear from other entrepreneurs and community members, and gain experience pitching!

In 2 minutes tell us:

  • What it is 
  • Why: Is there a personal story connected with why you started?
  • What you want: Try to think about what it is that you’re after
  • Who are your users: Try to paint us a picture of the type of person who will use your product.

Fill out an application form to pitch your idea