Jaws dropped at MCIC’s second Pitch-Your-Project night, as Abhishek Verma presented his bike light indicator. Champion of the contest, the UNSW MBA student received $1000 in funding and has kicked off his six-week residence at the MCIC.

Abhishek was cycling one morning in early April, when he hand signalled to turn only to lose his balance, and find himself in the gutter. That’s when he realised just how dangerous cycling could be without indicators.

When he got home, he jumped onto the internet and began furiously searching for such a device. To his frustration, nobody was selling bike light indicators that did not require cyclists to lift their hands for signalling, nor were they completely secure.

Abhishek was perplexed, but hatched a brilliant plan. He was going to create a biking device that he personally could benefit from – a set of gloves with sensors to monitor thumb movement, and lights which change correspondingly to be attached to one’s bicycle.

He started working on a prototype – sewing sensors into a pair of regular cycling gloves, learning about electronics and visiting the MCIC Makerspace to get his hands on a 3D printer and laser cutter. Three weeks later, a functional prototype was ready, and a universal cyclist problem was solved.

Deeply curious by nature, Abhishek is beyond excited to learn about manufacturing processes and the industry during his six weeks at MCIC. His gesture-based bike lights are already functional, but he aims to refine them and give the device a sleeker appearance. He’s also hoping to find a way to make a social impact through his labor of love.

The next pitch night is on Thursday 1st June. If you have a great idea you want to see happen pitch it to us and we will help you make it!

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