Healthcare start-up Clinivid, an MCIC Catalyst in Residence, received some innovative growth and reach ideas from students at the UNSW Marketing Society Start-Up Case Competition Finals recently.

Four teams presented their ways to disrupt the healthcare industry by streamlining communication between doctors and other health professionals. Congratulations to Sharon Lo, Sarah Littlechild and Michael Chau from Archway for winning the Start-Up Case Competition! Katja Beitata, CEO of Clinivid is ‘looking forward to working closely with the winning team in implementing some of the presented strategies and give Sharon, Michael and Sarah the opportunity to work with Clinivid through a paid internship located at the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre.

Finalists included Team Miracle Workers, who outlined a strategy of streamlining Clinivid’s unique selling proposition, forming strategic partnerships with senior doctors and social enterprises and integrating Clinivid’s services into existing medical infrastructure, showing a long-term, cost-effective way of increasing the start-up’s reach within the medical industry. The presentation from the winning team Archway concentrated on addressing touch points in educational institutions and work placements to increase the opportunities for junior clinicians to become more accustomed to the technology. Team Digital Growth Consulting fervently spoke about introducing a ‘community-first’ ethos capturing junior clinicians in university and guiding them in their transition into practice. Finally, Team YTM wrapped up the last of the presentations by showcasing insightful implementation strategies aimed at connecting Clinivid to younger clinicians.

The panel of judges included Dr Katja Beitat, CEO of Clinivid; Seiya Takeda from V-KAIWA and Anna Cheng, Head of Growth at Spaceship. It was a difficult decision for the judges, as all teams presented very strongly, bringing a range of different perspectives on how to engage with junior clinicians.