Meet the MCIC Community: Emma Bayliss-Chan

Final-year UNSW B. Commerce/Arts student Emma Bayliss first started using the Makerspace in 2016 when she attended eReuse computer refurbishment workshops.

She’d been involved with eReuse since 2014 when it was still an Enactus UNSW Social Entrepreneurship project. Back then, Emma was organising for the computers to be distributed to local community centres, but she had zero experience refurbishing them.

During the workshops, she learnt that computer refurbishment was much easier than she thought. At the same time, she found herself getting increasingly distracted by all the interesting projects people in the Makerspace were working on.

“It was then that I learnt that anyone was free to use the Makerspace and that maker mentors are more than happy to help you bring a project to life,” says Emma.

Emma is now a regular at the Makerspace, where she enjoys working on her own projects. A creative at heart, she has been experimenting with digital leather craft and is keen to learn to make furniture next.

“For both the eReuse workshops and working on my own projects in the Makerspace, I was able to progress so far so quickly by really getting to know all the wonderful staff and mentors at MCIC,” she says.

Now in her final semester, Emma hopes to make the most of her time at the Makerspace by learning as many skills as possible. Upon graduating, she hopes to stay involved with MCIC.

“The MCIC is always hosting fantastic events and impressive workshops. There’s nowhere in Sydney like the Makerspace. I think you’ll find me here, learning how to use a new tool, or mastering a new skill whenever I have some time off!” says Emma.


Photo is from a partnership between eReuse and Matraville Sports High workshop, facilitated by MCIC. Emma worked with the students, teaching them about ewaste and refurbishing computers.