Today, MCIC announced the launch of a Global Water Hack Week. In collaboration with UNSW's School of Chemical Engineering, MCIC will host a four day hack to develop tangible and sustainable solutions to the problem of water quality in the developing world.

PhD researchers in the UNSW Chemical Engineering faculty have developed a mobile desalination system to achieve sustainable potable water in rural communities in the developing world, where the consumption of groundwater is leading to high levels of renal failure and morbidity.

The researchers are seeking engineering solutions to ensure the viability of the system to travel on the back of a truck.

They are also seeking input from students with expertise in business, economics and sustainable development to create a sustainable business model based on local resources.

The Hack runs 26th to 29th September 2017 and seeks to promote interdisciplinary collaboration, with students across Engineering, Business, Arts and Social Science and other interest faculties participating.

More details, including information on how to register, are available here.