Andrew Fong

Medicine, Medical Devices, Leadership, Teamwork

Andrew is a current Medical Student at UNSW, who founded MiniEpi in May last year. He understands the barriers and difficulties of starting your own company from personal experience, from where to begin, to how when to build your team. 


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About MiniEpi

MiniEpi is a compact pocket-sized adrenaline auto-injector used to treat life-threatening allergic reactions. It is specially designed and crafted to integrate into the daily lives of allergy sufferers as would other items such as a phone, key set or wallet. 

We provide a solution that is more accessible to carry at all times and hence equips individuals with a life-saving device, where the alternative can be nothing. MiniEpi means medication when it is needed.

We are continuously working very closely with patients, doctors and the allergy community to understand their concerns with the current alternatives. Our device will be easier and intuitive to use, affordable, aesthetic and even less painful.