Joel Davies

Education, Research, Science, Training, Management Consulting, Personal Development, Technology.

Joel is a Psychologist who has worked as a consultant for numerous large public and private sector organisations. Joel has a passion for 'People Analytics'. He uses his statistical analysis skills to find stories in data that can inspire organisations to make meaningful change. Joel is also a burgeoning programmer with a key focus on front end software development. When Joel is not working on developing Cred, he is completing his PhD at UNSW where he also teaches an undergraduate course on Organisational Behaviour.


About Cred Solutions

Cred is a company whose mission is to maximise human potential in organisations through the use of evidence-based strategies and innovative technologies. At Cred, we have a desire to make things simple. We put simplicity at the heart of our design and make complex concepts simple by removing jargon and focusing on observable behaviour. We also believe in the importance of building partnerships. We want to do great work with great people for a long time to come. At Cred, we follow our own advice and learn by doing. We have a continuous improvement mindset. We are constantly experimenting, reviewing the results and moving forward accordingly. We are also passionate about building community. We recognise the power of collective intelligence and reciprocity. We use our community to create ideas, to give us feedback and to challenge our thinking. Finally, we are obsessed with growth. We strive to develop growth mindsets, both for ourselves and for every employee that works in our clients' organisations.