Lachlan Boyle
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Lachlan is a 4th year undergraduate student studying mechatronic engineering. In high school he repaired old electronics, such as valve radios and audio amplifiers, and has since worked on more computerised projects such as a rotary-telephone numberpad keyboard and modified remote-control cars to try to make them self-driving with a USB camera and raspberry pi. He's also joined a UNSW club for making things, CREATE, and has been involved with running and helping out at various events and activities they host, such as their electronic parts shop and arduino tutorials. For the past few years he's also been working on a longer-term and more involved project, to design a better film scanner to digitise photographic film, which involves various aspects of mechanical, electrical and software design. He spends most of his free time in the MCIC working on these sort of things, and can be found there on most days.