Matthew Payor

Matthew studies Engineering and Maths at UNSW, teachesĀ speaking and debating classes at various schools in Sydney, and helps out in the Makerspace at MCIC on Tuesdays. He discovered the MCIC in 2016 while pursuing an idea he had come up with during an engineering course in his degree in 2015. The course had ended and he was looking for a place that would facilitate him in taking his work further as a personal project. It didn't take long for the Makerspace here to become his second home. He was part of our Maker Mentor program in 2016 Semester 2. One of his favourite aspects of the culture here is the range of e-recycling projects that go on. Groups like Arc's E-Reuse pick up a lot of the university's waste technology and make sure these resources go to good use - outfitting schools, researchers, and non-profit organisations. Pretty much everything that could find some value gets reinvested back into the community.