Melissa Fuller
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Design Thinking, LEAN, Business Strategy, Activism, Social Entrepreneurship, Community Building

Mel Fuller is an advocate for a future that is informed and encouraged by the principles of the next industrial revolution. A catalyst for a new economy, her focus is on the intersection of design and manufacturing, and how that can create greater equality in society. In 2015 Mel co-founded AbilityMate, a for purpose company that makes 3D printed assistive devices for children with disabilities. Mel has also co-founded Three Farm Network, MakersPlace and MateriaAustralia. Mel uses business and social entrepreneurship as a tool for positive change.


About AbilityMate

AbilityMate is a for purpose enterprise working towards a future where custom designed products can be accessed affordably and timely by people with disabilities.

We design open-source solutions for the most-needed assistive products. Once developed we release the 'blueprints' to cultivate global collaboration, transparency and continual innovation. We utilise and build our own cutting-edge technologies like 3D scanners, CAD modelling, and 3D printers.

We collaborate with people who have disabilities, their families, cinicians and mission driven organisations to ensure our products are human centred, clinically safe and fulfill the needs of our community.

Our model applies to different devices. We have decided to begin with a focus on one the greatest need areas; customised Orthotics for children.

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