Seiya Takeda

Virtual Reality

Seiya Takeda graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Commerce/Economics and a major in Marketing, Econometrics and IS/IT. His previous experience includes academic tutoring at UNSW, UTS, MACQ University, along with corporations such as Commonwealth Bank, Telstra and Microsoft. He also has prior startup experience at a prior Catalyst in Residence, Caitre’d. Seiya truly believes age is not a dictator on one’s ability to impact the world. He is open to discussion about anything, whether it be university studies, career development, or starting up a company.


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V-KAIWA is an English language learning Virtual Reality Startup targeting Japanese businesspeople. Their focus is on the speaking element of the English language and encourages the user to learn correct pronunciation, intonation and genuine everyday speech, rather than scripted textbook dialogue. Learning a new language is most effective through immersion and being surrounded the language, a big part of why many study foreign languages abroad. However, this solution is costly, inconvenient and inaccessible to the average Japanese person. V-KAIWA is a virtual reality software provider that allows users to interact with native English speakers in unique virtual environments. With each lesson, learners have the opportunity to discuss and hone their English ability through real conversation.



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