16 Aug 2017 - 16 Aug 2017
Michael Crouch Innovation Centre

5pm - 6pm

Learn from our expert staff as they teach a one-off workshop on a skill they are passionate about.

We have been having a lot of fun at MCIC playing with laser cutting leather to create our own leather backpacks, clutches, pencil cases, and more!

In this workshop learn how to create your very own leather craft piece. We will cover the basics of rapid prototyping so you can design your own product. We will go from a paper prototype, to a CAD model, and finally to a laser cut leather pouch or pencil case for you to bring home.

This workshop will be taught to you by Robin Au, our talented Makerspace Casual.

The cost of the class is for materials, so you can leave at the end of the day with something you have made.

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